Is Inclusion Theory a crowdfunding funding portal?

Yes. Inclusion Theory is being launched as an Equity/Debt Crowdfunding Portal. The portal will be a FINRA registered funding portal. Reg CF, Reg A, A+ approved. Companies will have the ability to raise up to $50M.

Is Inclusion Theory a donation platform?

No. Most people are familiar with GoFundMe and KickStarter. GoFundMe is a donation crowdfunding portal which allows people to donate fund to people without receiving something in return. Kickstarter is a rewards platform where founders give some type of reward to the investor for their participation. Unlike these two platforms, we have developed a platform for investors to expect a monetary return on their investment. This will either be equity investment in the company or a loan to the company, expecting a certain rate of return.

When will Inclusion Theory be launching?

Estimated launch date is January 1, 2021.

How do I get more information?

Please register as Business Owner (Issuer) or Investor (Investor) via one of the links or use the Contact Us form.