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'Inclusion Theory' - New Crowdfunding Platform Serves Under-Fun

  • ATLANTA, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Inclusion Theory ( recently announced the upcoming launch of its unique fund-raising platform intended to serve minorities, women, LGBTQ+ and other historically disenfranchised groups. The minority owned crowdfunding platform is scheduled to go live on January 1, 2021 and was specifically created to address the stumbling-block lack of funding so many marginalized groups experience. The new equity/debt investment platform is designed to connect minority entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas with the investors who can help those ideas succeed.

    "We're very excited to see the platform go live," said Adell Pickens, CEO and Founder of Inclusion Theory. "It's been the realization of a dream for us. Our guiding principle has always been that with proper capital investment, disenfranchised business entrepreneurs can finally have a shot at pursuing their ideas. And in doing so, those entrepreneurs and visionaries will build better, stronger neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately, a nation. We're shooting for an opening goal of providing $20 million in total funding to platform users for 2021."

    Inclusion Theory: Crowdfunding That Makes a Difference

    Rather than a typical crowdfunding platform, Inclusion theory is an investment in and for the underserved. And unlike donation and reward platforms, the issuers and investors on Inclusion Theory all seek to receive a return on their investment. The Inclusion Theory investment model closes the gap between those who wish to help enlarge and enrich their communities, and the financial providers who can make it happen – addressing a wealth disparity that has long hedged out minority populations from the seed capital they need to succeed.

    Inclusion Theory will offer equity and debt investment opportunities in a broad spectrum of categories, including tech, real estate, healthcare, food and beverage businesses, and much more. Inclusion Theory plans to provide up to $5 million on Reg CF offerings and $50 million on Reg A/A+ offerings.

    "We value our investor partners and allies at Inclusion Theory, and our platform gives them a safe, easy, and convenient way to help the communities they wish to support," said Pickens. "They are critical to the success of our platform. All under-funded populations are welcome to raise, and we have many features that differentiate and distinguish us from older, less nuanced platforms. For instance, we donate a percentage of our profits directly back into the communities represented on our platforms. And users can see those community-investments in action anytime, as we provide newsletters, pictures, and success stories that highlight exactly how Inclusion Theory has helped transform lives. I've often wondered what it would have been like if minorities, women, LGBTQ, and others – especially those who aren't wealthy – were able to take advantage of early investment opportunities in Big Tech, or major digital service companies. Now, we can find out. Inclusion Theory gives people the chance to invest in the business empires of tomorrow."

    Start-ups, companies, and individual entrepreneurs are welcome to visit the platform, register, and begin building their fundraising campaigns. Early registration provides special benefits such as reduced campaign fees, and placement (or highlighting) of the campaign on our home page. Investors are also encouraged to visit the platform early and register. Early investors who sign up will receive pre-notification of campaigns that are raising. For the latest updates and news, follow Inclusion Theory on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter.