Inclusion Theory
Where everyone finds an opportunity to build wealth.
Investing in qualified startups and businesses is complex, but it doesn’t need to be! Inclusion Theory makes it easy to connect investors, fund managers, issuers, and entrepreneurs by bringing them together in an online marketplace for opportunities and sources of capital.
Inclusion Theory will be launching in March 2021.

Inclusion Theory: The theory that capital investment increases in minority businesses and communities will build better, stronger neighborhoods, communities, and our country as a whole.

The Inclusion Theory Solution

Inclusion Theory is a minority-owned direct investment platform dedicated to showcasing minority-owned business startups and existing businesses seeking capital. Inclusion Theory is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs together with everyday investors, VCs, Angel Investors, and allies who believe investment in their dreams makes a sound business investment.

  • Designed to bring new business opportunities to investors that currently do not currently have that visibility.
  • These business opportunities consist of groups categorized by the SBA and MBE as minority that have been historically disenfranchised. Most commonly, minority, women & LGBTQ as well as disadvantaged communities where traditional business investment is severely lacking.

We at Inclusion Theory want to build an investment platform that addresses and dramatically impacts the disparity between majority white or white-owned ventures and their minority counterparts.

Business creation and ongoing financial support is a powerful way to address and cure the economic disparities between the communities. Investment equals business, jobs, wealth, and stronger communities.

For Issuers

The Inclusion Theory Business Owner

The Inclusion Theory owner is any individual or business that falls under the definition of minority business, disenfranchised group, or is an individual or group that is investing in underserved communities.

For Investors

The Inclusion Theory Investor

The Inclusion Theory investor looks like all of us!

The Inclusion Theory investor is a minority within one of the categories that reflect our business owners and founders.

An individual that has been disenfranchised from the business community in which they sit and knows how business investment can propel a business to success.

An ally! Someone that is seeking new and innovative investment opportunities and understands that opportunity may not always look like them. Someone that knows there is a better way to be a build our communities and country.

An investment group or business. VC. Angel Investor, etc.